9 Second Jeep Trackhawk Performance Package


*Supercharger Colour Option
  I would like my Supercharger Painted to a custom colour that I request $1,750.00
* Exhaust Option
  Please add FULL Pacemaker Exhaust System $5,500.00
  Please Add Pacemaker Headers & Cats Only joined upto existsing cat back exhaust system $4,500.00
*Interchiller Option
  Please Add Stage 1 Interchiller System $5,495.00
  Please Add Stage 2 Interchiller System $7,495.00
  Please Add CM400 Hi Flow Cooling Pump $850.00
*PCM Unlock Option
  I Already Have my PCM Unlocked deduct $595.00
*Transmission Upgrade
  I would like peace of mind & build my Auto Transmission to hold 1400awhp add $14,950
*Transfer Case Upgrade
  I would like peace of mind & upgrade my Transfer Case add $4,495.00



Introducing our Proven 9 Second Jeep Trackhawk Performance package for the ultimate Street/ Strip Application whilst still maintaining a completely stock engine, stock driveline & stock idle so you can still take your kids to school the next day and be the fastest mum at school and soccer drop off.

The package comes with the following

  • Gen 5 3L Whipple Supercharger Kit with Dontex Performance Emblem & Cold Air Intake
  • 1200cc Fuel Injectors
  • Fore Innovations Triple Pump “Return Style” Fuel System
  • ATI 10% Overdriven Lower Damper with double pinning
  • Griptec Upper Supercharger Pulley
  • PCM Unlock
  • Custom Specialized 4 Wheel Hub Dyno Tune before & after graph
  • Custom Specialized 8 Speed Auto Tuning
  • Flex fuel Tuning Pump 98 & E85

Minimum requirements

  • FULL Exhaust system required due to boost levels achieved.

Current to date quickest E/T 9.8 @ 147mph with Stock Engine & Driveline with M/T ET Street Tyres at Heathcote Park Raceway

Transmission Upgrade Option

SHR War Viking MAX Built in-house at Dontex Performance

  • ZF E Clutch CUP Spring
  • 8HP A, C, D, and E Alto G3 friction
  • 8HP95 B ZF Friction
  • A, B, C, D, and E steels
  • A top steel
  • C top steel
  • D top steel
  • E top steel
  • ZF aluminum bolts “Pump housing”
  • ZF aluminum bolts “Pump housing to case”
  • ZF coupler nut
  • ZF Valve Body separator plate
  • Filter
  • Pan gasket
  • MAX Seal kit
  • ZF Oil Pump
  • Proprietary upgrades
  • 8.5 Litres of Genuine Mopar ZF Oil
  • Remove & Install

Transfer Case Upgrade Option

SHR Transfer case kit built in-house at Dontex Performance

  • Alto Products “High Energy” Frictions (8)
  • Alto Products Precision steels (7)
  • MOPAR Seals
  • MOPAR Pump
  • MOPAR Pickup
  • Output Nut
  • 2.5 Litres of Oil
  • NON-Volatile Reset After Upgrade complete
  • Remove & Install

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