Dontex Performance Specialized Hemi Custom Dyno Tuning- 2WD/AWD Hub


Application Options
  I have a stock Engine
  I have a performance camshaft fitted add $200.00
  I have a supercharger fitted add $500.00
Auto Transmission Tuning Option
  5 Spd NAG1 Tune $350.00
  8 Spd ZF Tune $850.00
PCM Unlock (2015+ vehicles)
  PCM Unlock $495.00
  Smart Access Cable (2018+ vehicles) $189.00
Intake Option
  Legmaker Cold Air Intake 6.2 & 6.4 ONLY $1,095.00 Fitted



Dontex Performance Specialized Hemi Custom Dyno Tuning Package

Our Mainline ProHub Chassis Dynamometers are the ultimate “in chassis” tuning solution for ultra-performance street and strip vehicle applications. Designed for extreme street cars, and drag cars , the ProHub chassis dynamometers bridge the gap between an engine dynamometer and a roller based chassis dynamometer.

Custom Dyno tune your car today to get the most out of your application!

We also Now have an AWD Hub Dyno for your Jeep! This allows precision tuning and accurate power and torque results at all 4 wheels

***Pricing Effective July 1st 2023***

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Chrysler, Jeep, RAM


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