Dontex Performance HELLION 2012-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Twin Turbo System


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Hellion was the first to build a turbo system for the Challenger in 2008 and has now set the bar in performance for the 2012-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 (WK2).

The performance level for the factory Jeep is a great start for an amazing vehicle. Hellion has now built a twin turbo system to take this amazing platform to the next level. For years a simple supercharger was the only option to choose from, now a full bolt on twin turbo kit is available. Power and ET records will be set.

The design of this system positions the ultra high performance Hellion twin turbos comfortably next to the engine. This allows a super-quick spool and crushing top end horsepower. The advantage of a twin turbo Jeep over other options is the increased efficiency and horsepower without the load on the engine. Gas mileage is increased as well as the rear wheel horsepower. Combine this power with AWD and the result is a vehicle that can leave the line ahead of everyone else.

This kit installs easily with hand tools in a home garage or at a performance shop. It includes large 3″ piping and comes standard with billet ball bearing 62/62R Hellion turbochargers (multiple options available depending on budget/ultimate power goal). Every little detail was thought of, including a high flow air to air intercooler that works at multiple power levels. The power of this kit can be adjusted with an optional boost controller from right inside the car. Let’s say you want to be mild and keep the power down to a few psi, just set the controller to stage 1. If you head to the track and want to add 7 psi for instance, just reach over, and simply change to stage 2, 7psi – it’s that easy. No pulleys or belts to change – fully controllable power from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

Equipped with:

  • Multiple turbo options available (twin 62/62R-standard, 64/66R, 68R, 71R)
  • Twin Turbosmart wastegate actuators
  • Turbosmart Race port bypass valve
  • American Made Stainless steel piping (comes standard with a lifetime warranty)
  • Heavy duty silicone hoses for all connections
  • Stainless steel T-bolt clamps
  • Exclusive “industry leading” Hellion oiling system for turbochargers
  • All necessary bolts, nuts, hardware needed for installation
  • Complete instruction set to assist with at “at home” installations
  • System built to be daily driven in all weather conditions-no worries about water or debris
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